Meet Collective Member Dan Weyl



1. What is your name, preferred gender pronoun, and zodiac sign? Dan / He & Him / Taurus

2. When and why did you join chichico? I joined ChiChiCo (I used to pronounce it like ‘Chai Chai co”) many months ago. I was talking to my twin who is an organizer for the DC Child Care Collective and thought, hmm, that sounds awesome, I wonder if Chicago has a childcare collective and of course it did and of course I forgot a dear friend of mine was involved in the group. The rest is history.

3. If you were a vegetable what would you be?  How come? If I were a vegetable, I would totally be asparagus—springy, fresh, and funky (makes your pee smell kinda weird).

4. Have you had any epic or hilarious Chichico adventures you could tell us about? I’ve only done a couple child care stints thus far (looking forward to doing more) and so I can’t think of an epic or hilarious moment just yet but I did really enjoy at the Teachers for Social Justice Fair seeing so many kids who didn’t know each other make friends and play together.

5. What should chichico’s animal mascot be and why? Hmm, definitely monkey. Wild, adventurous, forever young at heart, and nurturing. (Yes, I may have collected stuffed animal monkeys as a kid and think they’re the coolest animal ever.)


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