~*~Hello family/friends of the Chicago Childcare Collective~*~

We have been blossoming, expanding the branches of this ever-growing tree of a collective! In recent times, we have had quite a few volunteers join us to participate in childcare. ChiChiCo supplies every volunteer with a BAG of fun time goodies to bring along to the events, meetings, conferences, and organizing endeavors we attend. During our childcare sessions we bring this bag along in the hopes that all the activist kiddos we have the pleasure of meeting and spending time with are not only entertained, but also in a state of creativity and excitement. In these bags we include:

-Art Supplies (Crayons, markers, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, clue sticks, glitter, popsicle sticks, ETC!)

-Picture and Reading Books (With a loving, social justice edge)

-Games (Puzzles, board games, UNO, a deck of cards, you get the picture!)


-Stuffed Animals

-Coloring books

-Jump rope


YAY! ANY donation at all we will be using to put together more Childcare bags so that every one of our volunteers arrives at their meeting or event with awesome and lovely entertainment and creative projects for our activist youngsters.

To donate, please drop off supplies at the American Friends Service Committee office, where we have a box in the lobby! That’s at 637 S. Dearborn Ave, 3rd floor in the South Loop.  If that’s really impossible for ya, email us at and we will arrange a pick up of your supplies donation.

With love, In solidarity, Kindly, and Gratefully,

The Chicago Childcare Collective ❤


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