Last year with Chichico…

Remember when the internet was ablaze with memes and opinions on how 2016 was the worst year ever?  We do.  And there was a lot that was absolutely terrible.  At the same time it was another year full of people power, incredible acts of collective resistance and glimmers of healing and hope that we can carry […]


~*~Hello family/friends of the Chicago Childcare Collective~*~ We have been blossoming, expanding the branches of this ever-growing tree of a collective! In recent times, we have had quite a few volunteers join us to participate in childcare. ChiChiCo supplies every volunteer with a BAG of fun time goodies to bring along to the events, meetings, […]

hey, there. here’s an update about some ChiChiCo stuffs..!

Hello, hello. This is Isaac. I’ve been a member of the Chicago Childcare Collective since arriving in Chicago in early February. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to be engaged in a new city, to work in solidarity with some of the incredible community organizing that folks are leading and participating here in Chicago, and spend time with […]

Design a page for a Chicago-based Radical Coloring Book!

Artists, Illustrators, Conspirators, and Pencil-wielders! – this is an open call for submissions! The Chicago Childcare Collective, with the help of AREA Chicago, is looking for YOU to collaborate with us in creating a Chicago-based Radical Coloring Book! We need artists to design individual pages for us!  We want to highlight the on the on-the-ground […]

AMC 2013 Picture Report-Back

Welcome!   @ 2013 ICCC Network Gathering   @ Stories without Borders: Self-Mapping Musical Chairs of Colonization (DJ, the group sharing resources, Gilad enjoying all the chairs he “earned”) Debrief (Kids talk about how they experienced the game) & Body Map (Head, Heart & Beyond)   @ Lunch Love: Caucus for Parents & Child Caregivers […]

We can make our own – gendertastic coloring books for love and liberation!

When you add gluesticks, coloring book pages, and clever queers – what do you get?  Your very own gendertastic coloring book party! On June 26th, fellow chichi-conspirators and I attended a “Make your own gendertastic coloring book” event at Powell’s books on Lincoln.  In the words of the event’s organizers, “Because so much media does […]