Design a page for a Chicago-based Radical Coloring Book!

Artists, Illustrators, Conspirators, and Pencil-wielders!this is an open call for submissions!

The Chicago Childcare Collective, with the help of AREA Chicago, is looking for YOU to collaborate with us in creating a Chicago-based Radical Coloring Book!

We need artists to design individual pages for us!  We want to highlight the on the on-the-ground organizing that’s going on in Chicago (and places close-by).  We’re excited about featuring work that we’ve supported as a collective over the past 5 years. That includes education justice, migrant justice, folks fighting the school to prison pipeline, restorative and transformative justice, mental health movement, home liberations, eviction blockades, anti-militarism, food justice, and queer and trans liberation.

We’re also really excited about what folks are doing with the anti-coloring book series, and will welcome designs that encourage and foster creativity, rather than strict obedience to line-filling-in.

Our Vision:

The Chicago Childcare Collective (ChiChiCo) is a group of volunteers who support the participation of parents, especially mothers, in racial and economic justice work. The collective matches volunteers with community organizations across the city to have fun with kids while their parents/caregivers participate in and lead organizing efforts to defend their rights and build a better Chicago.

Inspired by the fabulous work of our friends and co-conspirators in the Bay Area, we want to create a coloring book that we can use with kiddos and youngsters when we’re doing childcare.  Just imagine what we could do with a community-created coloring book that highlights the amazing organizing and movement building work going on in this city!!!!  Coloring in images of striking CTU teachers, the 3-day Walk to Crete, the baby bloc at the NATO protest, and home liberators…  all while teaching the next generation of activists that coloring outside the lines is okay too.

chichico pic


Most image files will work (pdf, jpg, tiff) and submissions should be 8.5” x 11”.  (300 dpi minimum).  Be sure to leave space at the bottom for a caption, or add your own to the page. We’ll also take originals if scanning is an issue.  Just e-mail us to coordinate a drop-off…

How to submit:

First – get in touch with us about what you want to design.  We’d like to represent a wide range of the fierce organizing work going on in Chicago, and it’ll take some coordination to do that.  Then – draw!  illustrate!  scan!  and send it to by the deadlines below.

Rolling Deadlines:  

Deadline 1: December 15 – for possible inclusion in AREA Chicago’s Issue #14 Children

Deadline 2: March 15 – for our first edition of the ChiChiCo Coloring Book.

What you get in return:

A big huge shoutout and thank you in the coloring book and a whole bunch of love, respect, and magical appreciation from the volunteers of Chichico.  And warm fuzzy feelings, of course, knowing that you’re helping foster politicized childcare as we build an intergenerational movement for collective liberation!

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